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Conventional Systems

  • Steel Laser Tags
  • Hot Marking ink
  • Types
  • Borries Hand Held Stamping Units
  • Special Handstamps
  • Interlock Stencils
  • Acid Etching
  • BM10 Inserts
  • Roller Refill
  • Percussion Press
  • Stencil Cutter
  • Metal Label Marker 3mm
  • Hand Stamps
  • Laser Paste
  • Roll Marking Ink
  • Reiner Marker
  • Oilboard
  • Elect 676
  • Rilbex
  • 1″ Gas Branding Iron
  • 1″ Electric Branding iron
  • Krafft Engraver

Interchangeable Types and Holder

These provide a solution for all batch and general purpose marking. Complete font sets are available in sizes from 1mm to 10mm, consisting of 100 pieces and a type holder. Types can be used in a hand holder for the manual hand and hammer use, or in a machine holder and press. The range is available in standard, dot stress, low stress, and reverse types.