• Marking Engineering (Pty) Ltd was established in 1994 and is a Level One BEE company. We supply complete marking solutions and equipment to a client’s specific requirements. Our client base ranges from manufacturing, industrial, pharmaceutical, mining and corporate gifting sectors.

    Our solutions and equipment have been successfully used to:

    1. Mark products – for down the line identification
    2. Identify products – for brand protection and down the line traceability
    3. Trace products – inventory, asset and product control of marked products
  • We offer conventional marking equipment which includes; handstamps, percussion presses, acid etching through to sophisticated technology which includes pin and scribe marking systems, ink jet systems and laser marking systems.

    We source our marking machines from well renowned global suppliers. This means that our product range is the most comprehensive on the African continent. We are therefore capable of providing our clients with consistently superior and reliable equipment, service quality, and cost effective marking solutions.


    We provide a comprehensive range of marking solutions for any industry, to mark your products for the purpose of identification and traceability.

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    Our in-house marking department offers a range of services for all of your labelling, engraving, laser cutting, and other marking needs.

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    Rentals take away the pressure on capital expenditure by spreading the cost of equipment and marking solution acquisitions over an extended period of time.

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Distributors for some of the world’s leading brands: